A Purpose Built Migration Tool

Migration Dynamics was built specifically to do one thing: to migrate your on-premises Dynamics CRM data to Dynamics 365 Online without any interruption to your business. That’s it. By using the metadata available in CRM, Migration Dynamics can determine the best path to migration to reduce the number of orphans created and ensure that no data is left behind. Migration Dynamics handles all of the intricacies of CRM data that are not found in other relational databases and a generic integration utility simply cannot handle. Essentially, Migration Dynamics knows your data better than you do and now it’s available on AppSource.

AppSource Approved

Migration Dynamics has been validated and approved by Microsoft as a supported Dynamics 365 solution and listed on App Source. You can download a trial instance today and start migrating your Dynamics data right away. The trial will allow you to move your contact, account, opportunity and lead data to give you an idea of the power of the tool. If you want to move all of your system and custom entities, including all activities and more you can purchase a license to the full version by contacting us sales@cobalt.net.

Interested in Learning More?

In case you aren’t familiar with Migration Dynamics’s capabilities you can see more on the Migration Dynamics product page.