We believe that all good things involve a plan. Your membership cycle is no exception. We’re teaming up with authorize.NET to bring payment plans to your member experience! Users can now enroll in a payment plan when paying for a membership application or their membership dues.


Payment plans make financial commitments less intimidating. They offer your customers flexibility and accessibility, while broadening an organization’s reach. What’s not to love?

What’s Changed?

  • Payment plans options are now linked to dues options, so both membership applications and dues renewals are included in the payment plan functionality.
  • Organizations can decide if payments should be split evenly across the payment plan, or if a certain product should be paid in full on the first payment. You might want your members to pay for their PAC Contribution up front, but have their dues set up to be paid monthly. You do you.

How Does it Work?

  • Payment plan information gets saved and sent to authorize.NET, which will handle the actual recurring charges. We’ve left this one to the experts, so payment plans are only available with them at this time.
  • The world (of Payment Plans) is your oyster: you can set the number of payments in a payment plan to whatever you need. Quarterly, monthly, even “24-times-a-year”ly are valid intervals.
  • Begin and end dates for a payment plan’s charges are confined to when the membership begins and ends. If only stores would feel the same way about playing Jingle Bells in July.
    • Don’t worry—we’ve handled all of the accounting. Our system will automatically adjust the charge amount as needed.
    • Users who renew memberships early will not be charged until the membership cycle begins.
    • Users who apply for membership halfway through the cycle will not be charged after the membership’s expiration date.

Want to learn more about this feature? Check out our release notes.