Let’s be direct – we’ve added direct payment capabilities to our eCommerce functionality.  When using Authorize.NET, organizations are now able to offer ACH as a payment option to their members.


Payments should be easy. Adding ACH payment capabilities means that users can now check out using electronic check, making it safer and faster than ever to make transactions.

What’s Changed?

  • Currently, ACH payments are only available with Authorize.NET.
  • ACH is now a payment type option. Users and staff can select the ACH payment type on both the Portal and the CRM.
  • We added some fields on the Payment record to keep track of important information for ACH payments. You can view those details both in the CRM and on the portal. It looks good at any angle 💃.
ACH Payment type option on portal checkout page with payment detail fields

How Does it Work?

  • Users will be able to choose ACH Payment as an option when paying for classes, meetings, subscriptions, membership/certification applications, and in the online store.
  • Staff and users will be able to see payment details when an ACH payment method is used.
  • ACH Payments that have not been settled can be voided.

Want to learn more about this feature? Check out our release notes.