It is still the #1 most requested features for Dynamics 365. The ability to execute outer join (i.e. ‘not in’ or ‘does not have’) queries using Advanced Find. However, despite the ability to perform these types of queries using code or through manipulation of Fetch XML, Microsoft has yet to provide an interface for performing them in the Dynamics 365 product.

Cobalt’s Intelligent Query is the simple intuitive solution we built to make it possible to perform “not-in” or “does-not-have” queries using the standard CRM advanced find interface and now it’s available on AppSource.

Microsoft AppSource


Intelligent Query has been validated and approved by Microsoft as a supported Dynamics365 solution and listed, for free as always, on App Source. This is a major endorsement for the free solution we released early last year as a download from our website.

Of course, if you are still using Dynamics On-Prem you can download the previous version from our website, but the AppSource published version can be simply and easily added to your Dynamics 365 organization by just clicking the “Get It Now” link from the AppSource website.

IQ Listing on AppSource
In case you aren’t familiar with Intelligent Query’s capabilities you can read more here and here.