For any of our customers concerned about the news of the Heartbleed bug ( possibly compromising one of the most used security features on the internet today you can rest assured that your information and your client’s information are secure in Cobalt’s hosting environment. Cobalt hosts all of its software on Windows Server using Internet Information Services (IIS) which utilizes Microsoft’s SChannel implementation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and not the open source OpenSSL software that contains the Heartbleed bug.

That being said if you or your users use the same password across multiple sites and a site that is affected by this bug was compromised those passwords may no longer be secure. The recommendation is to wait a few days and change all of the passwords to your accounts to ensure sufficient time for sites to apply the fix for the bug.

If you need assistance changing your passwords for any of Cobalt’s products you can contact Cobalt support. Below are a few links I found in my research if you want to read more.