Form Loads – Squeezing Speed out of your CRM?

The speed at which an entity’s form loads can really impact the user’s experience in Dynamics CRM.  Here’s a tip to cut off a solid second or maybe two from your larger more content filled forms  – and it only takes 2 minutes to implement!



  1. Open up IISManager > Management > Configuration Editor. Select the drop down to navigate to system.webcachingoutputCache.
  2. Select the drop down to the right of omitVaryStar and select true.
  3. Click Apply.

This will ensure that the CRM web resources are cached correctly while your content is always fresh.

Using Google Chrome on the contact form in an on-premise CRM 2013 instance, with several dozen fields exposed, form load times were on average 3.0 seconds and content loads came in at 109ms . After making the simple adjustment mentioned above, the average form load was 2.3 seconds and the content load was 83 ms. Not ground breaking performance improvements, but enough to make your user’s experience a little more satisfying!



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