Last week, I cohosted a webinar with Joel Hinton, Senior Partner Manager at ClickDimensions, entitled “Hyper-Personalize Your Member Experience!”

The webinar focused on how associations can improve their new member acquisition, enhance member retention, and create brand advocacy and loyalty through this three-phased member (or customer) journey:

1. Shopping Phase: Think about your own consuming experience – if you’re like most shoppers, you do your own research. Whether you’re making a small purchase or a large one, you’re probably checking out websites, reviewing content, maybe reading through some social media posts. You’re doing recon, gathering information to formulate your own impression. And odds are that while you’re doing this you don’t want to be bothered! You aren’t ready to commit to anything, and you aren’t reaching out to the vendor directly.

While people are doing their recon, ClickDimensions tracks their website visits, clicks, and other anonymous interactions. With this information, you can drive content that’s personalized to them, so that later you can convert them from anonymous visitor to identified person, or buyer.

2. Buying Phase: Now you’re ready for more information. You’re interested enough that you fill out a form or register for a free webinar. You identify yourself to the organization as a potential buyer.

Engagement Dynamics, our Microsoft Dynamics 365-based association management software (AMS), allows your anonymous visitors to fill out a form for more information, or even set up a profile on your website. Engagement Dynamics will reflect every interaction and purchase, which means you can identify your visitors, measure their engagement and then deepen their relationship with your organization. ClickDimensions makes this even easier with Automated Marketing Campaigns, which read your users’ interactions and then automatically send them additional information and direct them towards the purchase you ultimately want them to make, whether it be an application for membership or a registration for your big annual meeting.

3. Customer Phase: You purchased the product; are you a happy customer? Will you recommend the product to others? Will you continue buying from the seller?

Engagement Dynamics lets you segment your members in meaningful ways using the Advanced Find tool. For example, with a few clicks, you can identify everyone who has yet to register for any of your events. Then with ClickDimensions, you can set up Automated Marketing Campaigns to nurture them. Perhaps your members click on an email pointing out the advantages of attending your events – your Automated Marketing Campaign can then add them to a list of people interested in attending and promote the next big event to them with a personalized email.

By using this three-phased approach, you can interact more effectively with your members and prospective members, personalizing every communication based on where they are in the process and the data you’ve collected from them so far. If you can show people that you understand where they are coming from and what they care about, you’ll see the results in member acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

See the webinar for yourself!
click here to view the recording