UPDATE: Check out CRM Snapshot 3D Audit Restore now available!

The latest release of Dynamics CRM Snapshot is now available to download for free. Dynamics CRM Snapshot 3D is the culmination of our team’s development efforts in response to our user’s feedback from previous versions. Snapshot 3D includes several bug fixes identified after the previous release and tons of great new features. The most mind blowing of which is a fully configurable deep clone, backup and rollback. Let’s deep dive!


Configurable Deep Backup

Previous versions of Snapshot gave you the ability to backup your data, using workflows, but was limited to backing up only the record on which the workflow was run. The most requested feature we’ve had since CRM Snapshot’s release in March has been the ability to backup and copy child records as well as the parent record. You asked, we delivered! Not only is the ability to backup child records available in the Dynamics CRM Snapshot 3D, but it is completely up to you to configure the relationships you want to backup as well as what fields you’d like to include or exclude. Pretty sweet, right? We’re just getting started!

Introducing Deep Rollback

Now that you can create backups of parent / child related records in CRM, you will also have the ability to fully restore your deep backup with a single click or pick and choose the backups you want to restore just as easily. Snapshots are hierarchical, as you can see in the image above, so you’ll be able to visualize exactly what data is in the backup and select nodes of the hierarchy to restore. Excited yet? Wait, it gets better!

Configurable Deep Clone

CRM Snapshot 3D gives you the ability to create copies of your existing records, as Snapshot always has, but now you can also exclude fields to be copied and include related records using custom workflows that you can build yourself. Not sure what this means? Take a look at this video of cloning client invoices from a previous year and updating it with the current year’s information with a single workflow process.

Click to Watch Video Walkthrough

Have we blown your mind yet or do you still want more new features? Here are some of our other favorites:

Output Parameters

Another useful new feature in CRM Snapshot 3D is the ability to capture / manipulate the generated Snapshots and related record after the Backup or Clone step in the workflow. In our walkthrough video, not only were all of the details of the invoice captured in the clone along with the product detail records, but after cloning the invoice we were able to manipulate the fields on the newly created invoice via the output parameter of the workflow.

Recycling Bin Enhancements

The recycling bin has always been the flagship feature of Dynamics CRM Snapshot as well as the most complete feature since our initial release, giving you the ability to recycle child records on delete. So, in this iteration there weren’t a lot of changes or udpates needed to the recycling bin functionality. However, the one update we did make in Snapshot 3D was to include an estimated size to the Snapshot record for storage conscious organizations. The new field shows the estimated size of the snapshot record, in kilobytes, so you can make more educated decisions about what records to clean out of your recycling bin should storage become an issue if house cleaning is in order.

That’s it. For now…

Dynamics CRM Snapshot 3D is a natural extension of the original CRM Snapshot release, but is far more feature complete and leaves the door open to seemingly infinite everyday business applications as well as administrative tasks. We’ve barely scratched the surface of the possible uses in this post and fully expect to post new uses and undiscovered applications in our blog as we find them in the coming months. If you can’t tell already we are really excited about this release and we hope you are too.

To install CRM Snapshot 3D now, head over to the download page. If you are already a CRM Snapshot user, you will be able to upgrade your existing solution with zero data loss and get started using the new features right away. Your old custom workflows will continue to work or you can upgrade them to CRM Snapshot 3D. As always CRM Snapshot works for you and it’s 100% free and in your hands to customize and configure to meet your needs. Thanks to all of our users for your feedback and as always let us know what you think.

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