Dynamics CRM Snapshot 1.1 is available for download.

This release includes bug fixes as well as feature updates including support for Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and CRM Online.


New Features

  • Merge – Rollback a snapshot without erasing fields that have new data. This is useful if you take a backup of a record with key info set and want to roll back just those fields.
  • New workflows on the Snapshot record to rollback, clone or merge from a list of snapshots.
  • A new solution with support for CRM 2011 UR18.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which was causing rollback to fail in some cases when the state of a record changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the owner of a record wasn’t being set correctly.

Known Issues

  • If you open a snapshot from the activities section of a record and do a rollback or merge, when you’re redirected to the record the fields will not appear to change. This is due to caching in your browser or in CRM. Refreshing the page will show the correct values.
  • Merge treats addresses as individual fields where you may want a block of fields to be updated together (such as addresses on customers). This will be addressed in an upcoming release.
  • Snapshot v1.0 will need to be uninstalled to install this update in order to support all versions going forward with easy upgrades. You can backup and import your old snapshots after installing the latest vresion.

Snapshot is a lightweight, easy to use and easy to customize solution for Dynamics CRM that will allow you to create point in time backups and restore records with the click of a button. Please leave us a comment below if you like snapshot, have ideas for new features or run across bugs / issues.

Download Snapshot Now