Creating a configurable Deep Clone is almost identical to set up of a Configurable Deep Backup. The difference in setup comes in to play during a few steps in setting up the workflow.

For this example, we will use similar Snapshot Instructions used when setting up the Configurable Deep Backup.

Configuring the workflow

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Processes
  2. In the ribbon, select new
  3. The Create Process dialog box will appear
  4. Name the process (i.e. Deep Clone – Contact with Sales), select Workflow for the Category, and select the relevant entity (in this case, Contact)
  5. Select Okay
  6. The Process Information page will open in a new window
  7. For Available to Run, select As an On-Demand Process
  8. Set the scope to Organization
  9. Under Start When: uncheck Record is created
  10. In the area where you build your workflow, select Add Step
  11. Select Cobalt Snapshot -> Configurable Clone
  12. Select Set properties
  13. The Set Custom Step Input Properties box will appear
  14. The property name will automatically be set to Saved Instructions
  15. In the Value lookup field, select the lookup tool
  16. Select look up more records
  17. Select the Snapshot Instructions that you want to use
  18. Save and close the set custom step input properties box


  1. Hit Save and Close
  2. Activate the workflow


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