This word cloud was generated from Cobalt’s Core Portal source code. It’s an interesting look at the keywords most frequently used in our source code and is also a novel way to think about our product. At the center is Cobalt, the most frequently used word in our code. This is most likely due to the namespace includes. Some of the other larger words at the center are as easy to explain while some others are surprising. Lets take a look.


string – obviously we use a lot of string variables in our code for inputs, outputs etc.

Wizard – we make extensive use of classes called wizards that maintain state across multiple pages in a process.
if – surprising that the ‘if’ control statement appears so much more frequently than any others. Looks like foreach is the closest second place contender.
public, private, protected – a little surprising the public keyword is more prevalent than protected or private. Especially in our application code. We may not be judicious enough about making things public.
Value – I like that this shows up in the cloud. Although it has a different meaning in our code, having Cobalt and Value side-by-side just makes sense!

I could probably look at this all day and be surprised by what shows up and the coincidences in the words that are near each other, but that may not be the best use of my time. Back to writing code and being mindful of whether I’m exposing too many public members.

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