About the Position: The “Tour of Duty”

We currently have an opening for a Software Product Generalist- an exciting position that offers candidates a chance to immerse themselves in Cobalt’s Consulting, Support, and Product, Sales, and Marketing departments. This is a two-year rotational “Tour of Duty”, which will be broken into 8-month segments in each of the three departments. The term “Tour of Duty” and its structure come from the book “The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age” by Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh.

The ideal candidate would be new to the job market and interested in software but wants to figure out exactly where in a software development company they belong. The focus of this position is learning: learning about Cobalt, a small, high-tech company, learning about software development, and learning about the candidate’s interests and strengths in the software industry.

Cobalt hires talented, motivated people who like to see the results of their work, develop their own skills, and strive to grow the company. This is a full-time position based at our headquarters in Crystal City (Arlington), Virginia, where employees are expected to work onsite in our office in order to help encourage teamwork and collaboration. Cobalt mandates that all employees are vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus therefore if hired, candidates would be required to provide proof of vaccination.

Part 1: Consulting

The first rotation of the Tour will begin in our Consulting department working alongside our talented Project Managers on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Cobalt’s products and processes. Part 1 will begin with an intensive training course, in which the candidate will learn about software project implementation, quality assurance, and the project management process.

Skills Gained from this Rotation of the Tour:

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Agile software development and Scrum methodology
  • Quality Assurance (QA) testing
  • Software configuration

Part 2: Client Support

For the second rotation of their Tour, the candidate will transition to our Support department. There they will work closely with our extremely knowledgeable Software Product Specialists, getting to know our clients, their businesses, and how they use the different Cobalt products.

Skills Gained from this Rotation of the Tour:

  • Customer service
  • End-user support & training
  • In-depth product knowledge

Part 3: Product Marketing

The third and final rotation of the Tour will be within Cobalt’s Product Management, Sales & Marketing department. After spending 16 months getting to know our products, processes, and clients, the candidate will have gained a unique in-depth knowledge base to help market our products and services.

Skills Gained from this Rotation of the Tour:

  • Sales demo configuration
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Dynamics 365 Sales + Marketing administration

After the “Tour of Duty”

After two years of mastering the different functions of each department, the candidate will have a good understanding of who we are as a company and what we do, as well as understanding their own personal interests as it pertains to their career path in software development. The end of this three-part “Tour of Duty” will mark the end of the candidate’s time in the position. Candidates will have the opportunity to either continue their career at Cobalt-based on their interests, what they have learned about each department, and their performance in each of the three rotations of their Tour, or continue their career elsewhere, taking the comprehensive training and knowledge they gained from Cobalt with them.

Required Qualifications

  • An interest in technology, particularly software development
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to work in the U.S. without sponsorship

Benefits & Compensation

Cobalt offers all employees with medical, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance, a 401K plan with employer matching, paid time off, a training budget, and a relaxed work environment in Crystal City. We host multiple events for our employees each year including fun quarterly events, a holiday party, and a company retreat. In addition, we offer multiple avenues for giving back to the community through a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Total annual compensation for this position:

  • Year 1: $67,000
  • Year 2: $72,000

Professional Development

  • Individual training budget
  • Paid time for individual training and/or projects throughout the year
  • Other professional development opportunities (such as conferences)
  • Multiple career growth opportunities

Cobalt’s Work Environment

  • Quiet, relaxed & collaborative workspaces
  • Comprehensive training and coaching opportunities
  • Weekly company-wide lunch-n-learn sessions
  • Transparent company-wide communication

Hybrid Work Policy

Cobalt has adopted a hybrid remote work policy for 2022. All employees are required to work a minimum of 25 full days at Cobalt’s office during each calendar quarter in 2022 in order to continue fostering our company culture of teamwork and collaboration.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Cobalt wants to ensure the health and safety of all its employees, which is why all employees are required to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, including at least one booster shot. All Cobalt employees are required to maintain their vaccination status according to the suggested best practices as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and to provide Cobalt with current proof of this vaccination status. If and when additional vaccine requirements are released by the CDC in 2022, Cobalt will provide updated guidance on when all employees must comply with the new recommendations.

To Apply

Please apply via the link below and include a copy of your current resume and cover letter.

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