When Standard Advanced Find isn’t Enough

CRM IQ (Intelligent Query) has a lot of everyday uses for getting data out of MS Dynamics CRM. You can easily create ad-hoc Advanced Finds that include a condition for finding records that “do not have” child records of a particular type and create queries that include records with no child records “OR” child records that meet a specific requirement. However, one of the most compelling reasons to build such an Advanced Find comes from our partners at ClickDimensions.

A Clever Workaround

In their recent blog post Advanced Find: Some Common Needs, the creative folks at ClickDimensions provided a great way of excluding records from a static marketing list and creating a point in time answer to who, in CRM, hasn’t been emailed in the last six months. Unfortunately, the same solution doesn’t work for a dynamic marketing list. That’s where CRM IQ comes in…

The Perfect Fix!


With CRM IQ you can create a Dynamic Marketing List with the query above, that tells CRM IQ that you want to retrieve all Contacts that either have no emails sent ever, or, none in the last 6 months. With CRM IQ you can build the query above for your dynamic marketing list and ensure that it will contain the correct contacts today, tomorrow, the next day and six months from now. Since CRM IQ allows you to create “Does Not Have” Advanced Finds, you don’t need to update your marketing list everytime you want to use it. Simply save your Marketing List and use it anytime you like.

Perfect for perfecting your marketing campaigns with clients you’ve lost touch. Hey, it happens!

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