Out of the box, Notes are not one of the entities configured for CRM Snapshot. However, many of the pre-configured entities also have relationships to notes that you’ll likely want to save if the parent record gets deleted. This article will show you how to make sure Notes are sent to the Snapshot Recycling Bin along with the parent record when they’re deleted. Note: The steps below can apply to any custom or system entity that you want to recycle on delete.

Setting it up is simple.

1. If you haven’t already, you can Download and install CRM Snapshot from here www.cobalt.net/dynamics-crm-snapshot.

2. Once the solution is installed create a new workflow process based on the Notes Entity or whatever entity you want to recycle.


3. Add the Backup step.


4. Set the Start When Option to “Record is Deleted” .

5. Activate the new Workflow

6. That’s it. Now when you delete a note, or a record that has notes, they will show up in the Recycling Bin along with the parent record.

NOTE: Snapshots are restricted to around 50 KB due to the size of the field used to store the record on the Snapshot entity. If you foresee the need to store larger notes you may want to consider another solution or you can extend the size of the field called Serialized Entity on the Snapshot Entity at your own risk.

Snapshot is a lightweight, easy to use and easy to customize solution for Dynamics CRM that will allow you to create point in time backups and restore records with the click of a button.


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