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Cobalt Dynamics 365 Bot Assistant

All your Dynamics 365 data, with none of the clicks.

Available for Dynamics 365 Online and Mobile

Say ‘Hi’ to Cobalt’s Bot Assistant or better yet say ‘Find contact John Connor’ and ‘Follow up next Tuesday’. Cobalt’s Bot Assistant allows you to Search, View, Create and Update your Dynamics 365 data using natural language commands like these and many more. Including Displaying, Creating, Updating and Aggregating records using the same plain language commands. You can also attach files to records by sending them from your mobile Web Browser or Dynamics 365 Mobile App.

Here are some things you can do to get started.

To do this Say this
Open an item Open <entity> named <entity name>.

Open account named Cobalt.”

Open contact Sarah Connor

*You can also click the open record button when you have already selected a record.

Show a count of records How many <entities> are there in CRM.

How many leads are in CRM.”

How many opportunities were created last week.”

Search for an item Find <item> <name>.

Find contact Sarah Connor.”

Find account named Cobalt.”
Find contact with email address”

Create a new item Create <item type> <item name>.

Create lead Sarah Connor.”

Create a new account with name Cobalt

Create a task Follow up with <item> <itemname> <date>.

Follow up with lead Sarah Connor next Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Variations (after Search or Create):
Follow up June 1st, 2030 at 1:00 PM

Attach a file Attach as <itemname>.

Attach to lead Sarah Connor as ‘Power Point Presentation’

Variation (after Search or Create):
Attach as ‘Power Point Presentation’

Update an item Update <item type> <item name>.

Update lead Sarah Connor set home phone to 234-234-2345.”

Variation (after Search or Create):
Update email address to


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