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Triggering the Recycled Snapshot

The recycle workflow is set to run when a record is deleted.

Want to know how to recover deleted records from your Audit History? Click here.

  1. On an active record, select delete
  2. The Account Delete Confirmation dialog will appear
  3. Select Delete to confirm deletion in the dialog box
  4. A recycled snapshot is created of that record
  5. Navigate to the Entity record page (i.e. Accounts) to verify that the record has been deleted


Viewing the Recycled Snapshot

The Recycling Bin is a System View included in the solution package that is located under system settings

It will show snapshots created on Delete of records in CRM

  1. Navigate to MSCRM -> Settings
  2. Under Cobalt Snapshot, select Recycling Bin
  3. All of the available Recycled Snapshots will be listed
  4. Select the Snapshot you wish to view
  5. The snapshot will include
    1. The entity type (Blue box)
    2. The entity Name (green box)
    3. The reason why the snapshot was taken (red box)


Rolling Back a Recycled Snapshot

A Recycled Snapshot gives you the opportunity to rollback that record

  1. Navigate to MSCRM -> Settings
  2. Under Cobalt Snapshot, select Recycling Bin
  3. The Recycled Snapshots will be auto sorted by Date Deleted in descending order
  4. Select the Snapshot you wish to roll back
  5. Click the rollback button on the Snapshot record
  6. Confirm that you wish to revert the record back to this copy
  7. The rollback successful dialog box will appear, click OK
  8. Navigate to the record view for that entity (i.e. Accounts)
  9. Confirm that the Record has successfully been restored
  10. Select the record

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