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Clone is triggered by an On-Demand workflow

To Clone an entity

  1. Select the record that you wish to create a Clone of
  2. Select run workflow
  3. Select the Clone workflow for the chosen entity (Don’t see a Clone workflow for your entity? Here’s how you set one up
  4. Click Add
  5. Confirm application of the workflow
  6. A copy of the record will be created with the title “ – Copy” appended to the name to differentiate it from the original
  7. Once the workflow is finished running, navigate  back to the Entity View (i.e. Account)
  8. The clone of the Account will be listed with ” – Copy” added to the name
  9. A record of the snapshot will be stored as an Activity on the original record

Snapshot is a lightweight, easy to use and easy to customize solution for Dynamics CRM that will allow you to create point in time backups and restore records with the click of a button.

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