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Michael Ochs

Cobalt CRM Snapshot

Need to recover deleted or changed data in Dynamics CRM? Ever want to copy an existing record to save time when creating a new record? CRM Snapshot is a free, MS Dynamics CRM solution from Cobalt that allows you to create regular onsite backups of your data, recover deleted records and create copies of existing records with the click of a button. The idea is simple, whether you want to manually create a point in time backup of your records or create a workflow to automatically generate backups anytime a record is created, updated or deleted, CRM Snapshot can oblige. In addition to backing up sensitive data, CRM Snapshot also allows you to copy existing records in CRM, reducing the time it takes to enter new records that contain the same information as other records in your system.

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The solution is easily configurable to your specific needs and relies primarily on workflows as triggers to create backups. CRM Snapshot is not intended to be a complete data backup solution and it doesn’t replace CRM’s built in audit log. However, it complements the audit log functionality by providing users with the ability to compare changes to snapshot activities and roll back to a record prior to an update being made.

Snapshot creates activities associated with the records you backup, so you can revert back to the snapshot at any time from the record’s activity history. If a record gets accidentally deleted in CRM you can also restore from the snapshot via the Recycling Bin view to recover the data that was lost.


It doesn’t take much to get started with CRM Snapshot. The solution is free and it installs in any CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 environment, including Microsoft CRM Online, in minutes. The solution is preconfigured with workflows to recycle and backup many of the built in CRM record types, but you can add workflows for your custom entities or additional workflows to be triggered on events in the system like create, update, state change, or assign.

To get started click the link below to visit the Download Page and follow or contact us on Twitter.

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