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Solution to March 2017 Windows Update That Breaks Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

by David Rothschild on March 22, 2017

In mid-March, Microsoft released these Windows Updates: KB 4013429 KB 4012215 KB 4012216 KB 4012204—MS17-006 If you use Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 to access Microsoft CRM 2011, then after these automatic updates installed, you probably noticed issues with the Advanced Find window, as well as related entity grids. After monitoring a large number of […]


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Using a War Room to Augment the Agile Software Development Process

by Kristen Knox on March 19, 2017

The principles of agile software development prioritize working software over comprehensive documentation and responding to change over following a plan. A war room in software development is essentially an effort to put all key stakeholders together in a room for a set period of time with the goal of producing usable software in a short […]


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Why You Should Integrate Your CRM with Higher Logic

by Allison Jones on March 12, 2017

As my colleague Chris wrote recently, there are multiple ways your users derive value from your association, and one of the most impactful engagement tools an association can offer is an online community. Your association is at a disadvantage if the only way you can bring your members together is at physical events like educational […]


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Intelligent Query Now Available on AppSource

by Michael Ochs on March 10, 2017

It is still the #1 most requested features for Dynamics 365. The ability to execute outer join (i.e. ‘not in’ or ‘does not have’) queries using Advanced Find. However, despite the ability to perform these types of queries using code or through manipulation of Fetch XML, Microsoft has yet to provide an interface for performing them in […]


How to Use Microsoft Voice of the Customer to Gain Important Insights

by Liudmyla Tretter on March 9, 2017

Unless you truly understand  your customer’s experience, you can keep losing business and blaming it on ineffective marketing campaigns, bad staff performance, the economy, or other factors that have nothing to do with the real cause. Of course, the simplest solution would be to simply ask the customer about their experience, but there’s no guarantee […]


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The Top 5 Reasons to Move to Dynamics 365

by Chris Capistran on February 27, 2017

Earlier this month I published an article about how Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, which Microsoft rolled out in late 2016, is perfect for small-to-medium sized businesses. For the uninitiated, Dynamics 365 combines both Microsoft’s ERP and CRM products under the same roof, and for the first time ever, budget-conscious businesses won’t have to choose one over the […]


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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Dynamics 365 Migration Tool

by Michael Ochs on February 23, 2017

Over the past few weeks, we at Cobalt, have published several articles explaining why it’s finally time to move from Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise over to Dynamics 365. We also recognize that this is easier said than done. If you’re contemplating a move to the cloud, then you’ve no doubt considered the complexity and cost […]


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Associations Should Track Member Engagement from All Levels

by Chris Capistran on February 14, 2017

Early last year I wrote an article about how it was time for associations to do away with what I called “vanity metrics.” As I explained at the time, “a membership director might brag that their association’s membership has grown by 20 percent, which sounds impressive, but it might be hiding a member retention issue.” […]


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Dynamics 365: Finally a Right-Sized CRM/ERP System for SMBs

by Chris Capistran on February 14, 2017

For years now, many small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have had to make a difficult decision, and that is whether to invest in enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) software. While larger companies can afford the expensive licensing fees and custom integration for both, smaller businesses have been forced to pick one over the […]


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